“Where we love is home — home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

An email with this quote keeps coming to my inbox. It might be an error from the sender or a message from above. Three days ago I went to sleep with the news of a young guy I knew, who died tragically in a car accident.  I could only think of the fragility of life that night. The next day I woke up with my boyfriend screaming in tears because his beloved cat died tragically, falling from a rooftop. The details are probably not important but they do contribute to the impact I still feel. I am not even mentioning that my grandfather passed away a month ago.

My heart is bruised and in pieces, and it will probably  be for a few more days, to say the least.  The feeling of loss is hard to take because it is hard to let go. The young guy used to work at my favorite pizza place and he was such a nice person. The pain of watching my boyfriend in shock and despair still comes back to my mind. We buried his cat with a small mailing box, because he loved so much to play with them, as the picture tells.

These are the wake up calls life sends us, and the interesting thing is that the most natural thing to do is to keep going, and of course to continue living, but not without making a pause first.

The things we cannot understand are tough to swallow or to accept. The fact that bodies are perishable and that pain is part of life shocks me more because happy moments are more of a constant than a surprise, fortunately.

Where we love… some feet are leaving. Our hearts will remember them.