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Refugee Day is today

Today is Refugee Day…

As part of my morning ritual  I look into Facebook to see the latest (either news, posts or interesting information). To my surprise today I discovered today is refugee day.

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Bonded by love

IMG_6316.JPGI have blown a lot of candles this month and have celebrated not only my birthday but my significant’s other special day. Today of course I celebrate Father’s Day and celebrate the blessing of having dad in my life amidst cancer.

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Simple simple things

Weekend memories ❤️

On Mondays I like to re-group my weekend photos… ❤️ to have good vibes and charming weekend memories for the rest of the week. Have a good one, with yours. 

With my heart!

Music to my ears…


We all need to connect


Note:  Picture taken by my boyfriend a while ago, while I was taking a nap in the car…

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Quite the mind

It is said that overthinking is a waste of time, and more than that a cause for unhapiness. 

Lately is my heart, that is more active than the mind I guess. I cry more, or in a sudden way. Sometimes I feel it heavier, like it is there, inside my chest. 

I prefer sunsets, that was the original title for this post and then I realized it is a superficial way of not acknowleding my actual feelings. Yes, we can act in a superficial way and we can go deep into our souls. The moment I have my mind in a quiet mode I can feel my heart better.

I do prefer sunsets and if I can enjoy them being in silence, there is no much space for thinking. Beauty overpowers it all. 


Always follow your heart, and if you don’t know what is says, follow your instincts. Note: Based on an actual experience. 

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