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Love ‘em 1/2/2020

“The heart has its reason of which reason knows nothing.” -Blaise Pascal 1/1/2020

Lugares/ Places

Hay lugares que me recargan; que con solo pisarlos se hacen cómplices de mis pensamientos y parte de mis momentos de reflexión sin que tenga pensar o decir una sola palabra.

Hoy Viejo San Juan, me regalo uno de sus atardeceres de ensueño.


Some places recharge me. Being at Old San Juan today was such a gift. This sunset was painted for my delight. I lived in it for a few minutes; enjoying the colors, the light, the mood and the peace of that moment. There I was in complete silence, watching a beautiful sunset before my eyes, and nothing was missing.

Perfect moments

There are perfect moments hidden in the imperfection of live; sometimes they occurr spontaneously; other times they need to be found.

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An honest mistake

Exactly six years ago, my first post in this platform was published. It was quite a new experience for me. I have been writing since, when I was probably in kindergarden and so much has changed. An old notebook with some “garabatos” are still kept in my drawer.

I remember the moment those first words of the initial post started to come to my mind and fingers. It was like an instinct that came to life. But it was actually the fear of how life was going to be managed, after a cancer diagnosis, what pushed me to explore my feelings thru writing.

An honest mistake… I would have loved to hear those words from the doctor after knowing the “C” word was going to be part of our lives.

Dad has been battling cancer succesfully all these years and nothing has been more important than living life each day, by being present and creating new memories with enduring love.

Catarsis ( un año atrás)

DD20EB92-004D-4718-B764-7BC39D5DEFC1.jpegLlevaba cuatro meses sin poder llegar, sin poder distrutar de mis espacios de recarga, sin pisar el mar como me gusta, sin poder guiar por la ruta de mi “ Bali”, cuatro meses de haberme despedido para siempre de mi abuela y de estar en la casita que me devolvió a mi misma tantas veces. Ese comienzo de 2018 fue un regalo para regresar a mi centro. Y aún así, me costó tiempo y esfuerzo. Porque después de María, muchas cosas no serían como antes…

FUERZA Puerto Rico

Foto sept 20

A year ago I woke up at 7am… thru the bathroom window this was my view. I asked myself, “how long will this take to end?”

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The brave sea and me


IMG_0649This is not the typical calmed sea I come to find peace. I am sitting with roughness. And on purpose I am staying here. Watching, listening, observing my reactions. In some other occasion I could have left, not even talk about getting into the water. The not subtle movement of the waves would have taken me out.

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The aftermath of Hurricane María…

Living in Puerto Rico these days is not an easy task. Our strong spirit as a country and our need to surpass Hurricane María is what keep us going amidst destruction and desolation. Families displaced, people leaving the island as soon as they can, people who have lost their homes or even relatives.

Access to water and food is crucial. In the San Juan metro area everything is more accessible,  and electricity is starting to say hi again.

Today, the  US Naval Hospital Ship Comfort arrived to our island. The President of the United States arrives today as well. We are living in the aftermath of Hurricane María….day 13.


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