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The aftermath of Hurricane María…

Living in Puerto Rico these days is not an easy task. Our strong spirit as a country and our need to surpass Hurricane María is what keep us going amidst destruction and desolation. Families displaced, people leaving the island as soon as they can, people who have lost their homes or even relatives.

Access to water and food is crucial. In the San Juan metro area everything is more accessible,  and electricity is starting to say hi again.

Today, the  US Naval Hospital Ship Comfort arrived to our island. The President of the United States arrives today as well. We are living in the aftermath of Hurricane María….day 13.




Yesterday the calendar stopped for grandma. No more calendar sheets to tear. This, a courtesy of her pharmacy where she went for more than 50 years, remains untouched today. 

After 99 years of life, she says goodbye.

Drops of time

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“The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time”.

I discovered this quote, on a photo frame. Looking for a gift for my boyfriend, it was the perfect reminder for him, and often times for me too . Continue reading “Drops of time”

Soul searching…

“Whatever is it that stirs your soul, listen to that. The rest is just noise.”- Nicole Lyons

Refugee Day is today

Today is Refugee Day…

As part of my morning ritual  I look into Facebook to see the latest (either news, posts or interesting information). To my surprise today I discovered today is refugee day.

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Bonded by love

IMG_6316.JPGI have blown a lot of candles this month and have celebrated not only my birthday but my significant’s other special day. Today of course I celebrate Father’s Day and celebrate the blessing of having dad in my life amidst cancer.

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Simple simple things

Weekend memories ❤️

On Mondays I like to re-group my weekend photos… ❤️ to have good vibes and charming weekend memories for the rest of the week. Have a good one, with yours. 

With my heart!

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