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Music to my ears…



We all need to connect


Note:  Picture taken by my boyfriend a while ago, while I was taking a nap in the car…

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Quite the mind

It is said that overthinking is a waste of time, and more than that a cause for unhapiness. 

Lately is my heart, that is more active than the mind I guess. I cry more, or in a sudden way. Sometimes I feel it heavier, like it is there, inside my chest. 

I prefer sunsets, that was the original title for this post and then I realized it is a superficial way of not acknowleding my actual feelings. Yes, we can act in a superficial way and we can go deep into our souls. The moment I have my mind in a quiet mode I can feel my heart better.

I do prefer sunsets and if I can enjoy them being in silence, there is no much space for thinking. Beauty overpowers it all. 


Always follow your heart, and if you don’t know what is says, follow your instincts. Note: Based on an actual experience. 

Clean and pure

First time experiences. They are unique, they surprise and impact us.  Either positive or negatives ones, they are sure remembered. And today, I had one. Any day is a good day to learn something new, and today I learned I can miss someone dearly even after months or years without doing so.  I woke up to sudden nostalgia.

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Close to my heart

IMG_1850.JPGIt’s a new year!   It is still January and I am feeling very optimistic about 2017.  Here in this part of the hemisphere, celebrations continue until longer than Three Kings Day,  but not long before 2016 came to an end I had one of the most revealing experiences in a while.

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Almost 100 years!

img_1072-1My abuela, (grandma) reached 99 years old on 12/25/16. When I asked her if she will reach 100, she laughs and then I ask her if she wants coffee. She replies “yummy”.

So much history in this hands. Her name is Nativity.

I always wonder what her most important learning in life was…if she could talk coherently.

PD. Grannies are the ones who teach children to drink coffee.

Life is a balancing act

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Short & sweet ( is ok not to be happy)

image.jpgEvery now and then I receive a notification that someone read or liked my blog or a previous post. That is instant happiness. And although some time has passed by since I started this blog I still find joy in writing it or even day dreaming about a post most of the time I cannot. Well, that is sad.

Nevertheless today I found an amazing article about happiness and why we can’t be happy all the time.

To be honest it was great news because even in the most difficult times, I always try to smile. I know it is a good effort and practice but still I like the FACT, that happiness is not meant to last.

PD. Sometimes I make pancakes with a happy face… Sometimes placing them in a London themed plate is enough.

Here is the link just in case you wonder about the article.

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