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This is not a blog about running, or any kind of exercise (hell no!).   I have always wanted to write a blog and have plenty of themes not to run out of. Probably that is why I have never started one. The fear of  ” oh,  what would I write about today”, although is not my goal to write every single day,  has paralyzed me more than once,  I have to confess.

Today, four days after visiting a doctor with my parents, for a biopsy procedure, I realized what an important influence my father has been in my life, the quite and behind the scenes one. A day like today the mind is kind of blurred knowing that his results were positive, but it made me realize how often we forget how much people, or experiences, impact us over the course of our life,  and some others since the moment of our birth.

Almost everyday I find something that inspires me, but I have to say he just inspired me to start writing this blog, and taking into account all the failed attempts, this is a success. For all that exists, that inspires me, starting with my dad, I am starting today.

Note:  I inherited my love for photography from dad. All pictures are taken by me, except for the one in this post or elsewhere noted.  Credits to him on this one!


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