Apparently I need to find inspiration for my writing process. I am sure it happens to most of us, who have decided to write a blog. It has become easier to post pictures, although it doesn’t mean it is any easier to assign them a meaning.

This is what the future holds… a life full of amazing beauty. It is what I expect and what I foresee for my upcoming days or years. I choose beauty. Beauty, because it can hold so much in so many tangible and abstract ways at the same time. It is absolutely subjective and easily found as well, if you keep your eyes and heart wide open.

I have seen so many beautiful things today, and I am sure I will always find so many more tomorrow.

Beauty, amazing beauty, is more a personal creation than an established fact. It is the conception of all of our emotions and preferences, and also our experiences of life. It is definitely in our power, because it is also a matter of attitude which requires some kind of sensibility, to say the least.

So, after looking into the “365 days of writing prompts”, searching for writing ideas, September 10th is the day to write a six word story about what you think the future holds for you and expand it into a post.

A life full of amazing beauty, is what it looks like to me today.