Note:  Picture taken by my boyfriend a while ago, while I was taking a nap in the car…

I have set the word “empathy” as a daily reminder, when accessing a device at the office, but for some reason I cannot remember the word,  as easy as I thought it would be. Empathy is not an easy thing, specially at what you are not so emphatic. For me relating to people with cancer is easy, or to any other cause I care, for example.

Since empathy and sympathy are so different, thanks to Brené Brown and an amazing funny yet inspiring video that opened my eyes to both concepts, I feel more empowered to connect better with people. And then comes vulnerability, which has been hitting me hard for the last weeks…(so much that I have not been able to write about it), but her videos about this theme are a true gem.

In essence, we fail too often to be emphatic, even with the ones we love.The small talk is great, it fits a purpose of course, but besides being heard we all need to connect, and with a little conscious effort,   I believe this is the way all of our relationships can become deeper and stronger,  through empathy.

Link to the video I am referring to: