IMG_1850.JPGIt’s a new year!   It is still January and I am feeling very optimistic about 2017.  Here in this part of the hemisphere, celebrations continue until longer than Three Kings Day,  but not long before 2016 came to an end I had one of the most revealing experiences in a while.

She is 38 years old (same age as me),  great personality, energy and full of good vibes. She is bald and has cancer. Her happiness was contagious. She was going to be able to celebrate the arrival of 2017 and was sharing it with everyone at the treatment center. In a second I had to do some internal check and balance. There she was, celebrating a new year. There I was sharing her happiness. I was eager to leave 2016 behind and looking forward to 2017 for such different reasons

I hugged her very tight as I left with my dad and my family the treatment center. I felt lighter and more grateful than usual.

Year 2016, was a year marked by many losses. Some people made it, but some did not and once you experience cancer in a familiar way, these losses have an emotional weight that needs to be handled.  There is sadness and joy. Some people even made it to 2017 but for a short period of time. Some are fighting for the best results.

Days come and go, as years go by, but the people who touch our lives, remain forever. Optimism during hard times is a faith exercise; an altar to be kept always alive. I am keeping it close to my heart.