img_2745I was still wondering if I wrote about “the balancing act”… until five minutes ago when I confirmed I did not… 

It was September 3rd. I was enjoying an awesome sunset in company of my boyfriend and all of sudden I felt life was balanced, just for a moment ( this picture is pure bliss to me).

Tough week at work, a failed visit to see my church pastor who was battling cancer, and then some relaxation with my loved ones. I realized life is all about finding that balance between stress and relaxation, happiness and sorrow,  family time and me time, and everything in between.

And yet knowing how important it is to keep balance, sometimes we just don’t do enough to maintain it. Because it requires effort. It doesn’t come easily.

Yesterday as I reflected in my pastor’s life, who passed away last Thursday, I still remember my thoughts that day at the beach, which I shared very emotionally touched with my bf.

Life is hard, you don’t plan to die of cancer, you don’t plan to loose your husband when you would probably had another 20 years of happy life living together. Nothing is planned and yet everything happens.  Choosing your partner for life is such an important decision.Having someone to hold your hand in the most difficult hours is something most people don’t foresee when they hook up with someone.  And it is such a possible reality.

Life requires deep caring love… and balance. Aim for it and reclaim it.