IMG_5339There is something about weekend memories and the pictures taken on these two frugal days(simple and plain in a good way) that are usually so expected.

More conversations take place,  sleep is definitely more “wasted” and when it happens it is also better.  Coffee is accompanied by calmness and plenty of time, with no rush to return to the office. Breakfast happens at any time and going in PJ’s to the drive-thru window makes me very happy.

A while ago weekends were not really defined in my life. I worked weekdays and some weekends. I never new in advance how would those days were going to roll, and yes my life was like a roller coaster.  Although I kind of liked to work on weekends,  sometimes I also wished to have my weekends off (the dichotomy of life).

Nowadays, fortunately I have most of the weekends off and I truly enjoy to be like a “normal person” (although I still miss to do grocery shopping a Monday, when aisles are almost empty and parking lots are very available). After all, life is about balance and memories of  the weekend really help to cope with the stress of the weekdays.

It just Monday, but a picture of a lovely Saturday evening dinner, as this one, is worth a week of hard work for the next “weekend memory”. Maybe I don’t even have to wait that long to repeat it. Meanwhile I will keep dreaming about the next one around the corner, or let life surprise me as well.