Epicurus has been revolving in mind lately, even when he was born 341 BC. To submerge in books at one point, pays off at another.

Today is my birthday and I have to say it has been an awesome year. It has been full of good days. Most of them with things or experiences I have wanted or wished or dreamed about. But what happens when in the midst of all that, what I call “abundance”,  I felt something missing. Of course looking deep into life, some things could have been better, but they were good and even great sometimes.

In a certain week, it happened with love, family and work. Looking for something else when what I had was what I wished for. I had an amazing boyfriend, my dad’s cancer was not spread to other organs, and two years ago I have been experiencing a job with weekends off.

I had to stop myself for giving me such a hard time with pessimism.  I am not talking about being complacent or not being grateful. Each one of us know when we are not appreciating what we have.

It took me a bit of time(hormones always make things worst), to acknowledge the present moment and re-birth again. As Epicurus said, I reminded myself: “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Thanks Epicurus for the reminder,  and books for keeping him alive.

Today I will blow a candle and wish for the best of things. They are always welcomed.