Do you have something you like to do?  Yes. What is it that you like to do? To write. Do you do it everyday? No.

I was bombarded with these questions. A bit of internal search is always a good way to reconnect with yourself. I replied to each question smiling, knowing what he was aiming to find out.

After a few months without seeing each other, a friend of mine and I went finally to have lunch together. As a brilliant programmer, he is full of ideas and things he wants to accomplish by himself but feels trapped in the everyday chores of work.

I was encouraging and letting him know that to follow your passion is as easy as creating the habit and then, boom. With a simple question he just made me realize how NOT that easy it was.

Sometimes we get trapped talking about others and what they should do or even to think how easy they can handle something we have no clue about.

Of course the example my friend used was great to make me think about myself and my vision of things.

We finished our lunch, not without him saying what is required to do what you want to do…

I never thought of this word in relation to a programmer’s work.

Why do you not write everyday?, he asked. I said because lack of time. He didn’t believe me. I didn’t believe myself.

Are you inspired everyday?, he asked again.

Maybe that is all what is needed to survive in this world; inspiration and that probably can change everything else.