It has been more than a month and I haven’t uploaded any posts, except  for photos. Obviously many things have been happening (as well as many posts in my mind).  I guess this is something that happens when you want to tell stories; maybe is a Gemini thing, daydreamer hobby or pure nostalgia. Sure thing is, with or without a medium to write down or develop ideas, life keeps going without a choice, except for the conscious decision of finding the meaning within.

After recapping in my agenda…

  1.  I wished I had my PC working. Writing is always a therapy.
  2.  After feeling stressed, I booked a vacation for April. Way to go!
  3. Coordinated my dad’s birthday for the end of March with my best friend and her family to visit the west. Can’t wait.
  4. My dad got hospitalized.  I went to pick dad’s emergency bag, while he was at the ER with mom. For the first time after dad’s cancer diagnosis, I felt an empty house. It was huge inside my heart, huge and scary.
  5. My dear sister arrived for Spring Break the same day dad was hospitalized. I was so stressed about delivering her the news when I picked her at the airport! She was a blessing. There are no coincidences. As I found a note mom had in a drawer full of dad’s socks: “cristocidencias”.
  6. I felt the support of family, friends and loved ones.
  7. My cat got lost, which made me realize all of the amazing things he has taught me, specially that love is a decision ( I so need to write about that).  He was found by my boyfriend because of #8. He is just amazing.
  8.  Had a very hard week at work.
  9.  Felt real love; deep and sweet.
  10.  Cried yesterday. It always reminds me the importance of being vulnerable, and for how long I haven’t let myself be weak.

The first and the last, they usually go together, very well…Gemini thing, daydreamer hobby or pure nostalgia.

PD. I which I had the time to write about all of them (and that my grandfather’s typewriter still worked at least as a backup plan). Maybe it would still work if I didn’t played with it so much as a kid. Who knew it would become vintage?