Today my best friend will experience first hand the moment where her mom will probably pass away. She was advised of this situation days ago, after her mom struggled an induced coma and other health complications. Today she will be disconnected from all artificial help.

The moment we are born and the moment we change of place… that is the way I prefer to look at it. We just move of city, of level, of ambiance, but we leave everything behind; all the material and tangible things of this life are no longer needed.

Few days ago I shared with my boyfriend that I have always wished to achieve the capacity of touching the special people I fondly love with my soul, to experience such a deep connection that even when we are apart, the feeling remains and it can even bounce back and be felt. Hugging and loving in spite of the distance…

Being there in such difficult moments; I cannot even imagine how it feels to my best friend, but having the opportunity to help someone you love,  to move of place with love and a peaceful breathe is a blessing in disguise.  My heart is next to hers.

Note: Picture credits to by best friend. She shared this picture with me.