trainA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in a “chu chu” train. It was filled with people having fun, singing and dancing .  Most important of all, it was a train celebrating life; people with cancer and their relatives were having their “post Christmas party”, and sharing a good time together.

I was there enjoying the moment with the rest of my family, while my dad was spending fun moments with other patients who receive treatment at the same clinic he goes almost every day.
Almost instantly I thought of the beautiful reflection of the train of life. I had it fresh in my mind since after years of not reading it, someone sent it to me as a text for New Years Eve.
Lately I have seen or experienced the analogy of the train. People get on and off trains; it can be as simple as saying goodbye, or until later, or even getting the warmest hello ever.
So, there I was, having the honor of being part of a train, in the most concrete way…
May we all enjoy the ride on our train or someone’s else,  embracing each stop and each turn.