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A few months ago a co-worker, with whom I shared a nice relationship in a personal level, moved to Miami.  Her decision was mainly because she was dating someone who lived there, and because she had high expectations on that relationship. A job offer was also on the table.

We knew we wouldn’t  be able to keep in touch that often so before she left, she asked me to keep a promise. Even if we weren’t able to talk we would share a text with a number. The number would be an indicator of our happiness level, of how good or bad our lives were going, being 10 awesome and less than five would require an emergency call.

She came to visit a few days ago and unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to share time together. I heard by other co-workers she got engaged. I sent her a text congratulating her for this moment, knowing it was a big step in her life and letting her know I imagined she was reaching a high number.

Last evening as the world said goodbye to 2014, I remembered her, our promise and also reflected on my happiness level. Overall, so many great things happened in 2014. I am so happy and thankful for a great year.

Mine is almost 10. Cheers to that.