deepTo take this picture was pretty natural to me, what wasn’t, was assigning a title to it, because sometimes the things that matter the most to us connect with ourselves on a level that surpasses words. It is maybe because they shouldn’t even be labeled, but admired, enjoyed, and shared.

Nevertheless, after thinking a bit about it, still with half of my body being bathed by the ocean, I thought of a word for it. I was at the shore, gazing at the sun, and meditating on so much beauty, accompanied only by nature, the quietness of the moment, the sound of the waves, and the salty smell of the beach – even a seagull was flying close to me. I said hi and smiled.

I was receiving a gift indeed, and making the best of it.

It was amazing to keep my mouth shut for a while, and to just breathe… a deep breath of thankfulness, joy and above all, of deep peace.