IMG_20141115_193501If someone ever asked me what “giving a shit” about something would look like, I wouldn’t know, because usually I do care about a lot of things, in the personal and the professional scope. That particular trait has been hitting me off track the past few days, not to say weeks.

I have always said I could not work at something I didn’t love doing. That in itself is a beautiful thing. What is really revealing is when you notice you don’t love what you do anymore (at least not that much), and then discover all the things you haven’t being taking care of because you really “enjoy” what you do. Or maybe you have been so focused on doing the right thing or acting under so much pressure that you haven’t had a chance to look at was has been neglected in the process.

Yesterday I heard a not so dear coworker say ” We like pressure, pressure is motivational”. In my opinion pressure is motivational when you don’t have any other motivation, and that is a pity, not to say a disaster. Pressure, as well as multitasking, are now to me the two most dreaded things because they reveal what I am lacking …T I M E.

So in honor of a quote  that keeps repeating itself and appearing in my life, I share this post,  as a reminder to whoever it might make sense, including myself:

Money can always be made, memories cannot.  Let’s make time to create memories.