Apparently cancer has a saint, and not cancer the zodiac sign, (which was what I thought when I first read about it), but a saint for those who suffer the disease. Nothing that I was aware of, but I know almost everything has a saint, so why not cancer. I was surprised anyway to find that saint card hanging in my parent’s fridge.
Interesting thing is that my family is not catholic, but very open and respectful of every religion. I can name almost every religion and we have had friends or acquaintances who don’t share our faith. I am very grateful for that because it has given me the vision to see beyond labels and to appreciate people for what they are and respect their views although we may not visit the same church or pray the same prayer.
Saint Peregrine, was a clear reminder that someone in our family needed to pray that prayer, and so I did.  The card was probably a gift from dad’s friends with cancer, which was a kind gesture of a group of people who see their need before their beliefs and get united in a single though and a deep sincere request for help in their moments of struggle.


After all is not all about the wheat grass shot in the morning to help fight cancer. This body has a soul and cancer has a saint.