Well, I will start saying that dad was transported in ambulance for the very first time today. It is never a good impression to see an ambulance in an emergency run but hearing the sirens approaching when you or someone close to you is in need,  feels exactly the opposite.

Apparently dad fainted after having a not nice conversation with the medical insurance company and their rejection to reimburse several visits to doctors and cover some cancer related treatments. Mom and I were taking a nap, when the phone rang; after a while we heard a strange sound in the dinning room. Few minutes later dad was screaming mom’s name with a shaken tone and voice which indicated he was not ok.

Dad was lying on the bedroom floor(he made it there) and I could spot a few drops of blood after I rested him over some pillows.

I cannot describe those minutes. Only one who has been in that situation knows how it feels beyond words. We called an ambulance since he was pale, shaky and sweaty. 

Few minutes before, mom was telling me she was not feeling well. Then she became so nervous and desperate after dad screamed her name…I was trying not to have two patients at the same time. Loving soft words always make the work.

Ambulance arrived, they determined he was stable but he was transported.  Mom went with him. I arrived later, after packing some stuff. While driving to the hospital,  I could only repeat how amazing God was that I chose not to go to work today. For the non believers this is just a mere coincidence; for me is the higher power that always looks after me.

Sometimes just being there, is everything needed…