Believing that everything happens for a reason, happened for a reason last week.

I have been noticing my parent’s house is no longer organized as before dad’s cancer diagnosis was. Mom’s time is now devoted to take care of dad, his diet, multiple visits to doctor’s offices, spending two days a week in the treatment center, among others. So, after spending a few days at their place, I got a bit preoccupied, maybe thinking mom could be a bit depressed and sensing that they could be more overwhelmed by the twist their lives have taken (much more overwhelmed than I was after seeing messiness all over the place).

And then, I found this amazing article, shared by Elizabeth Gilbert in her Facebook page. I understood it all and eagerly shared it with my sister, who is miles away, as a way of debriefing my intense need of not just asking mom if something was going wrong with her (which I did later) but of expressing how I feel sometimes in a home that lately looks like a disaster but never lacks love.

Book themes at the table have changed, X rays envelopes are seen more, lots of bottles to storage green beverages and green stuff are everywhere in the kitchen, lab results are at different places and the word cancer is found in random notes. I have tried to “fix” the situation by making their bed when I stay there, buying organizing accessories, and overall putting a hand where I see an opportunity to help.

Therefore I feel an intense need to share the article that relieved myself and my mental sake, with anyone who might be facing an illness, taking care of someone in need or living a messy life that is full of reasons more powerful and important than keeping things in order.

Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt