I guess now I know how composers feel when a singer calls them asking to write a song for them. It feels like a huge responsibility and a challenge. It is a blank canvas where all your creativity can be displayed. For me it happened as a message written in my blog asking me to contact a person. He was not asking for a song (I am not a composer anyway), but he was asking me to write with the possibility of changing, even saving not one, but maybe many lives. I couldn’t say no.

Mesothelioma almost killed his wife, her possibilities of seeing their daughter grow older and a beautiful life together. I never heard of this type of cancer before, but knowing that every year more than 3,000 people are diagnosed with it, with an average of 10 months to live was shocking. It can be difficult to be diagnosed but it is easy to be exposed to what causes it, if asbestos are around, which are not banned in the USA (I was even more shocked after learning this). Maybe it is not in the fibers that flake off and become airborne, but the clothing or items that have asbestos fibers on them what makes you vulnerable.

Symptoms may not appear until 30-60 years after the initial exposure to asbestos, men are more likely to be diagnosed than women and USA Veterans are at a greatest risk. There are so many facts about this awful disease and so much information to spread in order to impact the lives of the ones that might be affected by Mesothelioma.

As soon as I received the request of writing about this disease, I felt the obligation of composing a note. As brave as this gentlemen was by contacting me, I felt brave enough to share it too. I know how it feels like, to have someone you love being threatened by cancer. I am happy his wife survived Mesothelioma and I will be even happier by knowing more people will learn about it.

Sometimes to make a difference, to change a life or to save one, takes only a moment.

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For more information about Mesothelioma visit http://www.mesothelioma.com