IMG_20140718_112406Few years ago I used to hold in my hand a little stone. Life wasn’t being very nice to me, or may I say now, my love life was nothing like I wanted it to be.

One day my two best friends, who happen to be husband and wife, shared with me a story and a stone. They asked me to look at the stone, hold it in my hand, and remember all the good things I had in life at that moment.

I placed it in a visible area in the car, as their recommendation was. There were many times when I held it in tears, when I held it with a prayer, with a wishful thought, with a broken heart. Sometimes I just didn’t want to look at it, but it has never deceived its purpose. I never thought it would be magical, or used it as Aladdin when rubbing the lamp. Instead, I used it to acknowledge the present moment and as reminder of how blessed I was,  even when a disappointing experience knocked at my door.

As I was cleaning my car, I found the stone where it has always been, although a little bit hidden. I reflected about all the moments in which this stone was a gift, a pause, a window of hope, a lesson.

Getting trapped in our thoughts is so easy, sometimes we need a visible reminder of a reality that so often gets blurred. I love this stone and its meaning but it would have never been what it is if I wouldn’t given it an intention.

For different motivations than a love life that sucks,  I still hold it nowadays;  for the same one I still keep it. It is as blessing and a gratitude reminder. Better days are still ahead.