IMG_20140709_095947 (1)Yesterday as I re-posted a message in Facebook regarding people with cancer I sent a prayer to all the ones suffering this or any other illness. Later on, during the day I was talking with a colleague about the message. Her father passed away few years ago and next to her was another colleague, a very young guy, who heard us and said: “If I knew what I know today, I would have been so different to my mom.” She died from cancer years ago too, and I remember his story because during that time the sadness in his face was evident.

His words struck me. He was not part of our conversation but he was part of this battle and someone he loved profoundly,  lost it. I was compelled to tell him so many things since I felt his sorrow. I tried, and after a long pause I said: “It doesn’t matter what you did or what you did not. You were so much younger, maybe you were not so conscious at the moment of the magnitude of the situation. Love always transcends.”

I felt blessed with the opportunity to tell this guy, not to be so hard on him. My other colleague was supportive as well. Suddenly  I felt part of an anonymous group bonded beyond cancer. Life has played the same card on us three.

I hope he understood what I meant with that last line. I believe that still when our loved ones are not physically present, if we truly connect with our souls and with the intention of sending them a message, our love can travel many miles, many places, even where we cannot touch or see, and even when we think the reciprocity of a feeling ended the moment someone we loved passed away.

Love is such a powerful force that nothing can take away our love for our loved ones, even when our loved ones are taken. 

Love always transcends.