I have learned to believe in a friendly universe. My dad has cancer, my dreams are not fully fulfilled, I could definitely be more than what I am nowadays, but life has showed me that everything happens for a reason.

It might sound complacent or the easy way for not to think too much about what doesn’t go the way I expect, but when looking at the big picture I can see the dots and how they fit a special pattern for a purpose.

Lately I have had dinner with strangers, even to later find out with some of them I have sat at the same table before. Apparently it was not the right timing to acknowledge each other, and looking back I understand.

I am not particularly happy when bad things happen or when life call the shots without taking into consideration my point of view. I guess that as well as I sometimes say, ” not my circus, not my monkeys “,  many things happen without being part of my world. Luckily there are many circuses around the world and many monkeys outside them.

The universe is here, sitting right next to me. Sometimes I am happy with it, sometimes I am not. Is it friendly, is it not? I choose to believe it is.