IMG_20140624_101353Yesterday, I met a guy, at the doctor’s office where dad is receiving the vitamin C serum to treat his cancer.  This guy’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. He was nice enough to ask if he could sit at my table and have lunch together,  when we coincidentally found each other at a healthy restaurant.

We ended up talking like a little more than strangers that have just met.

He was kind and attentive, but most of all we had a very important topic in common. As we talked about support groups for people with cancer,  I realized that the sons and daughters of people with cancer need to have that space too; a space to share our thoughts, our new findings, our feelings. We talked about so many things that it was amazingly refreshing.

I could see the worry in his eyes, the uncertainty of a new treatment, the fear of loosing a loved one. I felt the profound love for his mother and perceived the courage he has to fight this battle with her, along with his family.  It was a reflect of myself. At that moment he was my mirror.

Yesterday his mother was receiving her first vitamin C serum treatment and I wished her the best.

We promised to share information about our new awakening about health, and to keep in contact about our findings.

As my father’s hand is extended, and full of hope as the picture in this post shows, the stranger and I share an aim to see our loved ones get cured, bonded by our friendly hearts, expecting the best.

Strangers can be friends.