ImageIn an attempt to keep a somewhat healthy diet while on vacation, my sister decided to bring a pear with her. Happens, that the pear almost became our new friend, since it spent more than two days on a backpack traveling with us. The final day of our weekend trip, my sister decided we would eat it. Of course, looking at the picture, it is beautifully positioned on the table, with the turquoise sea and sailboats as  background, except for the fact that at the cute restaurant with tables on the sand we were at, we ordered pancakes and french toasts with a tasty and greasy side of bacon. The goal was to eat the pear as well.

Keeping a healthy diet is not easy. It requires A LOT of commitment and willpower. Fortunately,  although it might look to the contrary, my sister initiated a sugar detox weeks before arriving to Puerto Rico. This has helped me, not to gain the usual 10 pounds I gain when she is around, but much more important she has become a guardian over dad’s alimentary habits.

Since dad was diagnosed with cancer, he has incorporated new diet recommendations, including adding baking soda to the water, having Vitamin C injected as a serum, and exercising daily. Nevertheless, it gets difficult when we are all out of home, and for example we all want to eat pizza. There are not too many options available except for fast foods, which we don’t visit,  and some nice vegetarian restaurants that are not always in our area.  We have become warriors, standing strong to defeat cancer, and as family that also has implied looking for what is best to eat for dad, and subsequently for us.

Making the decision of what to eat or not, when we are together, is a reminder of the unwelcome visitor that has become part of our daily life. Therefore we are now more aware and conscious about our eating habits. We have started being proactive over our health as a family, beyond taking vitamins. We have found out so many disturbing news about how what we eat is harmful to our bodies, that sometimes it is even difficult to know what to eat and what it really means to eat right. 

 It is definitely a battle.  Is it healthy or not?

After all, our friend the pear was eaten. I decided that my sister should definitely invite more fruit friends to our weekend getaways, and we will exercise more our willpower,  just to keep the balance.