IMG_20140606_173010Today, as I was revising my personal inbox, which was pretty full, I found a beautiful article a friend of mine shared with me about letting go of control. In sweet and kind words I consider myself a “go getter”, but what this really means is that I am a control freak. My work is all about planning, being proactive and minimizing all types of surprises. Sometimes I transfer all these skills to my personal life, much more often than I would like to.

The picture that accompanies this post was taken by my sister, a week ago, while I was practicing paddle board and having a very tough time. I love the beach, but I am not a sporty, nevertheless I believe in trying things although I might end not being the best at it. While practicing this activity, I was guided by a guy, I met at the beach, who was nice enough to lend me his friend’s paddle board and paddle next to me. 

The wind was rough and my technique was awful. At one time he told me: “whenever you feel the wind is blowing too hard or trying to take you somewhere you don’t want to, stop, wait until it is calmer and then keep on paddling”. It was such a simple advice and so obvious, but it is only in moments when our physical body shows resistance that we tend to pay attention. I have been working for a while on listening to my inner voice and being aware about how certain things make me feel, but paying attention to non-concrete things requires more effort.

There were times when I had to paddle with more strength than others. Letting go of control doesn’t mean we become inactive; it means sometimes wind blows in our favor and sometimes it doesn’t,  and when the latter happens, it not necessarily means it is against us.