Porta Coeli San Germán, Puerto Rico
Porta Coeli
San Germán, Puerto Rico

How many years of history? More than four hundred!

As I stepped into this beautiful ancient church in the town of San Germán, Puerto Rico I was amazed by its beauty. At the crest of a hill, ” Gateway to Heaven”, was the highlight of  few vacation days I enjoyed with friends and  my parents later on, as well.

I used to visit many towns prior to arriving at Mayaguez, in the west coast, when I was a child. That love for culture, and getting interested in knowing it, it’s for sure dad’s influence, and I am so grateful for it that even as a grownup I enjoy road trips and the feeling it evokes in me.

Stopping everywhere when something looks interesting or inadequate, in a sense, is pure fun. This stop was just a reminder of that. As dad said as we were on our way there: ” Si a mi lo que más me gusta es pasear”.

And, I am in love with this picture. No more words!