IMG_20140402_170502 Few days ago dad turned 72 years old. I haven’t been particularly inspired to write.

I guess is a mix of feelings.  I feel happy and grateful for having dad alive, but sad to know he has cancer.

I organized a very simple dinner with his brother and sister.  I drove to the west, were they live so it was easy accessible for them.  Mom brought to the celebration, baked by her, natural carrot cupcakes without sugar so dad could enjoy them, since he is avoiding to eat sugar.  It was kind of a surprise, but dad has never been too excited about his birthday. Probably it is a great reminder that everyday we turn out one year older, no matter our date of birth.

As I sent my sister pictures of the celebration by text, she replied: ” Dad looks so happy”.  I am so glad he looked that way.  We all were.  We had a very good time together.  Everyone at the celebration was having a happy moment, including myself, but as soon as we finished singing “Happy Birthday” I realized I didn’t sing it out as loud as I usually do.  I was taking pictures so I was kind of distracted with the singing part but I recognized a huge emptiness in my heart.


It is a guarantee we don’t live forever.  It is a gift to know that a loved one is battling a life-threatening disease and have the opportunity to do a lot for that person.

At the end of the evening dad was very grateful, he hugged me as he said thanks.

Some birthdays are more special than others.