“My dad is getting old. Wanna make him happy.” Today I received a text message from a dear friend, with these words. She is planning a trip to bring her dad to visit where I live. It made me smile and made me reflect on her words for a while. I related to her immediately.  My dad is also getting old, and he has cancer. I am making plans more than ever.

So many times we look for specific moments to make the people we love happy. We plan, organize and then we have a blast. That is awesome, and it definitely brings spark to life, but I wish we, as human beings,  were more conscious about making our loved ones happy every single day. I am by no means saying this is my friend’s case (she will read this post and I need to clarify for the sake of our friendship) but it happens to a lot of people, including me.

On my way to work today as I crossed the highway to have a relaxed breakfast at one of my favorite coffee places, I was pleasantly surprised with a rainbow. Another very best friend of mine has been seeing a lot of them, so I took a picture and sent it to her. Immediately she told me ” this is a double one”. I didn’t notice before. I had to look twice at the picture, since I was already far from it.

I read awhile ago that whenever the rainbow starts or finishes there is a treasure. For a moment I thought I was going to be lucky enough to be at that spot. I noticed some people were working at the other side of the road very close to either its end (or its beginning). I wondered if they knew how close they were to “the treasure”. I have always wished to find myself exactly at that point. How would that feel?

Nevertheless, after reading my friend’s text message I realized that sometimes exactly as I missed to see the double rainbow, we miss single minutes of life, even when each minute holds the gift of many other blessings. We often see the beauty of everyday and may notice how close we are to the treasure, but sometimes we loose sight of how wonderful and unique each moment is and all of its possibilities.

She wants to make her dad happy. I want to make mine too; my reasons are doubled. We definitely share one thing in common.  I wish that every time, whatever I do to make the people I love happy, I will remember no specific moments are needed. Rainbows don’t show up everyday. It is the first time I see a double one,  but the treasure is wherever we step in with an open heart and the sensibility to see and feel beyond the obvious.