ImageIt is almost a week since my sister went back to where she lives. Having her at home on vacation mode gave my parents a sense of being on vacation too, and that also meant being on vacation from cancer.

I think we didn’t “talk” that much about dad’s condition, except for the day when we were ready to hit the beach. The sun was beautifully out, and the weather was amazing. My mom, dad and sister arrived to pick me up at my apartment, which is on the third floor (stair, stairs and more stairs), and as we were almost ready to leave, dad felt a pain that was causing him a lot of discomfort. We started asking him all type of questions to determine how terrible it was. Knowing that he has cancer have made us more paranoid about any symptom he shows.

He went upstairs as we waited in the car. Suddenly I realized it was the moment to be there with him as well. Simple yet powerful. I said to my mom and sister: “we should go upstairs too”.

It was not just an act of being supportive but much more an act of love. At that moment the words I have read before from people with relatives with cancer came to my mind: ” this family has cancer”.

We waited patiently at the apartment, even smiling. Actions are more powerful than words. As we waited for him to feel better, I believe we felt better too. There is nothing more beautiful than showing kindness and knowing you can put yourself aside for others when they need you, more than you need yourself to go through with any plans.

The sun also waited for us and we shared a very relaxed day. Dad took his usual walks around the beach, even planted some “cocos” with my sister. Nevertheless, anything would have been perfect as well, as long as this family that has cancer, would have stayed where we needed to be at the moment that life asked us to pause and show what being a family, even with the unexpected, means.