They can be six feet tall. They come in different colors, not only in yellow as I tought. It takes two months to grow as beautiful and vibrant as they are. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers and I left this truck stand with one as a gift from the guy who cultivates and sells them.

I was on my way to the west with my family. I was expecting many things from this trip but not this. A quick stop to grab coffee and a sandwich, to continue a three hours drive, and there I was talking with a guy about a flower that always makes me smile.  I was amazed. Few minutes earlier I was telling my family that I knew of a field of sunflowers nearby.

Nevertheless, these were not from that field,  they were from a very distant town. I was not going to be able to buy and carry them without being ruined,  so the guy gave one to me and said ” take it as a gift and enjoy looking at it during your trip”.

My gut feeling told me I was not going to fullfill my wish tonight, but I knew this single moment was worth the hours traveled. It was raw,  simple happiness.

They were a surprise in my journey. I was touched by generosity.  That single one was sweet enough, for a while, to be mine.