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It happens to me that I always remember the “celebration day” of my first post. I started with no apparent goal. I was in need of sharing my thoughts and feelings over something that impacted my life profoundly. I was not looking to gain followers or likes. At that time, I was not even aware of those statistics features. I didn’t even imagined people would like it or feel identified with my struggle; facing my dad’s cancer diagnosis and what it meant for me.

Today it has been two months from the very first time I decided to start writing, openly and publicly, through notrunningout. As I wrote my Top 10 of 2013, I noticed that starting this blog couldn’t be not included. It made it to the list.

I have cried writing. I have laughed. I have distracted myself from the commonness of life. I have been amazed by learning that people from other parts of the world have read what I have been writing. Most of all, I have been so compelled to read what others who are experiencing or have experienced pain, either by being an outsider in the situation or experiencing cancer themselves. It has made me realize how connected the humanity can be although distances.

Every time I write the second day of the month,  I always remember it was the day I heard the words “cancer”  resonating, for the first time, so strong in my heart and my life. I really believe my life changed that day and although only two months have gone by, I still feel the same. There is only one difference; I can connect to a community that feels the same, that shares their pain, their suffering, their victories and who are part of this battle called cancer.

It is a new year. For me and my family I know it will be a tough one. I look forward to keep reading what others have experienced. I really don’t know if what I write makes a difference in the people who have a chance to read my blog, but I am sure that either by reading, commenting or just clicking , now they make a difference in mine.