IMG_1541Life is full of surprises and the best come when you least expect them. That is how I felt last Sunday when I saw dolphins in their natural habitat at a beach in the west coast of Puerto Rico. After just four hours of sleep, and trying to fit the beach in a tight agenda for my sister’s friends visiting from Nepal and Germany I was amazed with this view.

As soon as I woke up,  I knew I had to drive three hours back to the metro area and then be ready to work more than long eight hours standing, in an electronic party featuring an acclaimed DJ. Nevertheless, there was no way to miss the beach in the morning for people who live in the northeastern part of the US with temperatures below zero.

I took them to a beautiful, quite, crystal water beach  named Boqueron, and as I was dragging my feet to the sand  I heard my sister screaming “there are dolphins here”. I immediately woke up from my “barely awake mode”, and started to enjoy this spectacular moment. It was the first time for the four of us to experience it, and words were not enough to describe how wonderful it felt to watch nature, life and freedom all at once.

It gave me energies for the rest of the day, it gave me something to talk about with my friends , and it gave me a reason to record and photograph the moment. I took my mobile phone and tried to caught it in video. I immediately knew my dad would have enjoyed it as much as us and when we returned home I shared it with him.  I am sure some things now are more relevant than before and lifetime opportunities are more appreciated than ever.

I will recall this experience as one of the most memorable moments of year 2013. Of course there are other memories that have impacted me much more this year, but having this positive note at the end of year, reminds me of how the not expected wonders of life are capable to bring so much joy, and become moments to cherish with the ones you love.