My heart is filled with joy and I haven’t opened one single present today. A week ago, I placed these ornaments in a small Christmas tree mom prepares every year. I placed them, although my holiday spirit is not so high. I cannot delete the fact that dad has cancer. Nevertheless, I am enjoying a very special Christmas today. My nuclear family is here (mom, dad, my sister and me) and a special sister that life gave us directly from Nepal, which is my sister’s best friend.

While I placed the ornaments I realized they have a special meaning. Our names are embroidered in each “bell” and it means we are a family all together, still and always will.

We feel very complete these days. No matter the sickness, or the upcoming tough moments, last night we all forgot about it. Having my sister’s best friend who came specially to surprise my dad on Monday has given our home a lot of happiness.
Before having our traditional “Nochebuena dinner”, each one made a prayer holding hands all together. I was starving, not even too much concentrated on saying anything in particular. I couldn’t event think.  Dad was the last one to say his prayer. I can only remember he said: “May You grant us many years to come together”.
And that is my prayer too.
Merry Christmas.