20131206_233013-1(1)Is there something called cancer-hood? I’ll explain myself. Since I am a single woman (divorced previously) but single and in my thirties, I have been reading some positive notes on being my age and single. There is a lot about  all this stuff on how to enjoy yourself,  find your passion, embrace the learning processes, living fully the present moment and blah blah. I mean “blah blah” not in any sarcastic way. I do believe in all of that. I guess is a reassuring way of knowing that life is great even when you haven’t met your soul mate. It doesn’t mean that sometimes you just want to hear a nice looking loving guy at the other end, and not a writer telling you how your love its going to be ok someday.

In one of those articles I stumble myself with, I read about sisterhood. This refers to the concept of being a woman and enjoying all the benefits of it. One of them is having this great support from your women friends and women all over the world,  who instantly become your sisters because you share so many things in common it is impossible not to create such a bond with your genre.

So, last night as I was enjoying a concert,  I think I discovered, or at least for myself, the cancer-hood feeling. I was watching singer/composer Robi Draco Rosa. He was diagnosed with cancer some time ago and is cancer free now. In the last concert he offered, and to which unfortunately I couldn’t attend,  he was already sick. Last night was a celebration of his life, with his friends (concert was called ” Draco y sus amigos” or in english “Draco and his friends”.) Before the concert started, people were talking about the expectations for his performance but also regarding his health.

As soon as he took stage everyone was giving him a standing ovation. I cannot know if it was because they were musical fans and/or as a recognition of his battle; I suppose for both. I stood up, and almost cried.  I like his music but since dad’s diagnosis I feel for everyone who has cancer even more than before. I claim myself to be very emphatic but with cancer I am now an advocate for anyone who is struggling with it. I found myself being very aware of how people talk about other people who have cancer, are undergoing chemotherapy or are having the upside downs of personality. Among other things, I am following blogs of people writing about their experiences with their loves one. I am looking to help in organizations for kids with cancer that used to visit years ago.  I read non-stop about treatments, side effects, diets and so on but most of all I have become more sensible towards people with this disease.

I am pretty sure, many people have written about this before. I started this post without even goggling the term. All I know is that I feel part of this supportive network, sometimes invisible and in which I am not a directly involved.

Being part of the sisterhood is awesome but cancer-hood has given me another perspective.

I joined the standing ovation to Robi Draco Rosa. Years ago I met him at my workplace and gave him an unplanned tour of the facility I work in. Back then he was just an artist I really admired. Today he is a person I admire even more, not only because of his music.  Last night I was grateful to see him alive because it also reminds me that there is hope and there is life.