IMG_20131206_143343Life can be very upside down sometimes. Yesterday after feeling very happy I went to bed feeling kind of confused and somehow down.
Putting effort into things we want, gets more complicated when we don’t get what we deserve. Nevertheless, since life itself is also a miracle, last night I decided to stay at my parent’s home. I got there very late, after hanging out with someone for whom I had high expectations, until then.
I have never believed in coincidences. I do think things happen for a reason, so when I arrived at my parent’s place and found this painted canvas by my mom, I was kind of shocked. She left it for me, at the dinning room table, without knowing I would stay there last night.
“All Good Things Come with Time”, I read it more than twice. I have no idea why she painted that specific quote but that message was absolutely meant for me.
As recently as last year I learned to stop asking myself, “why”, and instead, “for what reason”. I haven’t quite found the answer to all the questions, but for some of them, I am getting closer to discovering them now.