ImageI am very happy today. After a two hour drive to get to work (there were floods everywhere in my beautiful island), I got to the coffee shop with my best friend who asked me to do carpooling.

While sitting at the coffee shop,  I received an email from work, asking for my presence to give a tour to a very important investor at my workplace tomorrow. I was stunned. Last week I was talking with my dad about this person and how he has entered the market to invest and develop several projects in Puerto Rico.

I was frenzied and excited and could not stop myself from grabbing the phone to call dad at home and say: ” Hey, guess who I’ll be meeting?” We usually play this game in the family and give each other at least five tries to guess correctly. I have to say I am not an erudite in this type of topic, but I love to read the newspaper, and be on top of everything that is happening, so these are topics of conversation with my dad every now and then.
After hanging up, I was really happy. I had hesitated to call dad at that moment. In any other moment in life I would have waited until I got home or would talk about it without any particular excitement, but today I got out of the coffee shop, while it was still raining and shared the news.
This time it was different. I realized I can still call my dad and make him feel important about things he has taught me. I said: ” I am calling you because only you will understand”. That is the plain truth.
Mom was listening on the other phone line at home. She was guessing as well and giving me her nice feedback in a way she can only do. Together they get so funny, sometimes serious things become trivial in a good way.

But then I realized this was not so trivial. These are the moments to cherish with the people who are important in your life. These opportunities are the ones where you can remind them, that beyond their love, there are so many other things that they complete you with.

Tomorrow if I get to shake the investor’s hand it will be a moment to remember. Today he already made my day special and it didn’t need a bit of anything material. He gave me something that can only be achieved by investing time and love.