ImageAfter receiving a text message from my sister with an insulting yet funny word, today I will write in a more positive note. Apparently I have been making her cry every time she reads my posts. She lives abroad and has not been able to be physically at home during my dad’s diagnosis. Curiously, I do not cry when I write, I guess words itself carry some amount of tears.

I cannot say my posts are sad, but they do reflect my feelings and not in any significant way what a cancer patient might be experiencing. In this, I am just an outsider and my respect and my love are with those who are battling this monster.

To please my sister, at least in this post, I have to share that after several exams, yesterday the doctor confirmed my dad’s cancer is not metastasized. Uff, huge relieve. Hearing those words: ” You don’t have metastasis.”, was like candy in a candy shop; everything looked good and colorful for a moment. Of course now, the pretreatment started and probably more or less in three months he will go for surgery to remove his prostate and the cancer. I could not stop myself from thinking how someone feels when they receive the opposite news.

It is interesting how we, as human beings, find beauty in the most dark places, not necessarily because it is easy visible, but because we need to find it to remain strong. Cancer itself is not good news, but amidst the bad news there are some goods ones.

After coming home, I made a very big thank you prayer to God. Giving thanks in the middle of difficulty is not easy, it requires a lot of faith and hope. It is worth it though.

I sincerely don’t want to make my sister cry with this post, but if it happens I hope, that as well as mine last night, hers are tears of joy.