I am very fortunate to have my best friend as a co-worker. We met at work, and this month we celebrate eight years of friendship. During all these years we have never fought, actually I have never fought with a friend. I do not like confrontation, sometimes I prefer silence to make things better, or worse. She is strong and very determined. I often look for her advise, which means my visits to her office are almost daily, and she enjoys them, I have to say.

She has been blessed with the gift of motherhood.  It is a gift I now understand. I am not a mother, I am not sure I will be. My sister and I have only given my parents a dog and a cat as their “grandsons”,  and they are pretty in love with them or at least they appear to be; anyway not many options there.
As an adult, I can see the sacrifices, the hard work, the things  women sometimes deprive themselves in the name of being a mom, and being the best one for their children.  Of course, I have an amazing mom, who has taught me a lot about how to be a woman, to be a strong one despite the bad moments, the injustices, the set backs, the heartbreaks.
As I walked into my best friend’s office last week, I kind of read her face. I recognized it, because I have seen it too many times in my mother . It was the face of too many things happening at the same time, so many people to be there for that sometimes they miss being there for themselves.
She talked nonstop for almost an hour. She opened up her heart,  cried  (and she doesn’t cry that much), and then cleaned up her face. It was late. She kept writing on the computer, trying to finish her work so she could leave the office and pick up her daughter. I hugged her very tightly, while I said: ”Allow yourself to be weak, you need that space.”
Sometimes being weak is the only way to get yourself strong again.