ImageI am so glad my week ended today and it did with an amazing day at the beach. Having been working for seven days with sacroilitis, which didn’t let me walk comfortably and decided to appear out of the blue,  taking my dad to his medical appointments and experiencing some complications, and of course people at work giving you a hard time was a bad mix for these days.

It is very difficult to manage bad news regarding a loved one and still having to manage all other things, the ones you expect and the ones you don’t.
I think I haven’t felt so vulnerable in a long time. Nevertheless I have to say God always puts amazing people in your path to bring you smiles, who are generous, even when they are strangers and then He lets you bring yourself to peace.
The beach has been always the place to be when everything seems so overwhelming. To connect with nature and experience all the beauty and the calmness of the sea is one of my favorites moments.
Yes, I learned to love it because of my dad and I will always be grateful for teaching me how to appreciate simple things, even when the world around is not going the way you want it to be.
I laid down in the sand, feeling every single piece of it. For a moment I forgot all the trouble of the past few days, and I wished for some more days… just like today.