20131103_211207There is something great about working in an industry that doesn’t stop; you just never get bored.  Nevertheless, some days I hope for those days where nothing is going on and you can freely do either, whatever you want, or think of nothing work related.

It is often said that the show must go on. I have heard it enough times to know that by the contrary, sometimes the show should not go on.  I would have loved to stay today at home with my parents, feeling their sorrow and supporting them on what worries us as a family these days. Yes, life doesn’t stop either, but sometimes we are responsible for taking that break.
I am very glad to still appreciate the simple yet extraordinary things that happen when you do not notice, when you do not put much effort on them, when you let the sun and the rain feed them on its own timetable, when the show is going on and for better or worse,  you are busy being part of it.
Thanks to my mother, who received me today, with this little cup of grown at home tomatoes and a big smile in her face. I smiled back,  took a picture and said “freshly picked”.