Obviously I am not inspired by it, or at least not in a happy way. Today, for the first time in my life I said, “Please don’t use the C word.” I have always talked about it like a frequent and familiar concept, as sadly it is these days. Almost everyone knows someone or has been related to someone fighting it.

My best friend wanted to visit my parent’s home, after sipping together,  not one but two coffees in a row!  There was so much to talk about and so many things going on. After we met, I sent her a text immediately and candidly asked her not to use it.  I knew her visit would distract them but they could end up talking about yesterday’s results. She is just like a sister to me and a daughter to them , but it felt weird. It felt like I was not acknowledging that my father has it. Maybe, I am still in denial phase.

As I said, I am not inspired by the word, but by the fact that it is interesting how things change when they affect you directly, even if its a single word…. I am not using it in this post either.